Down and up and down again

5 11 2009

Five framed photos whisked out of the window at Myopic today… and tomorrow night at Dovetail. Five weeks out in public… they learned to walk.


“Arsonland,” from “Far.”

1 11 2009


Markéta Irglová, Glen Hansard, from “Near.”

1 11 2009


Far., at Myopic Bookstore

1 11 2009

“Near.,” at Dovetail

31 10 2009

From the skyline to the east across Chicago Avenue into a brisk look at the portraits of “Near.,” with a costumed critic offering a street opinion in the first few seconds.

Seven more days

25 10 2009

A week before it’s time to take down the Myopic and Dovetail shows (on Halloween!). Checked them both out on a sunny Saturday dusk after a wet and dark and overcast SAD-erific week in Chicago. There they are… Out in the open.

From “Near,” Michael Ondaatje

15 10 2009

Michael Ondaatje, before a reading at the Chamber Of Commerce in Thessaloniki, Greece.3159133786_64c36113fc